Celts in the Iron Age

Use these website links to help you learn about life for Celts in Iron Age Britain. Why is it important to look at different sources of information?


Fascinating Facts

Find out about this famous Celt

Create a mind map in your book to show what you have found out. Try to answer these questions:

  1. When did they live?
  2. What did they look like / wear?
  3. What were their homes like?
  4. What weapons did they use?
  5. Can you name a famous Celt and describe why they are famous?celtsusborne-207x300

12 thoughts on “Celts in the Iron Age

  1. You can’t just get one bit off info because it could beb false, so try and get at least two bits off the same info.

  2. becuese if you look at one peace of info it might not be right becuese we wered there. if you look at a couple of peaces of info you know its right
    by Jessica Paxton pengueins

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