8 thoughts on “King Midas

  1. Well done Pelicans!!! I think you did really well to remember all of that. It looks really tricky but you obviously tried your hardest to complete such a interesting story especially when there is no words.
    From Lilly

  2. Ishawaq says: I loved the story because in the end you find out that there is still gold in the River Pactolus.

  3. Maisie says: I liked the story because it had lots of adjectives and it was easy to understand.

  4. Poppy says: I liked learning the story. King Midas should have thought more carefully about what he wished for because he is now as thin as a pencil!

  5. Harry says: I liked designing King Midas’ new palace! I gave him a bowling alley and a disco room!

    • What I liked about the King Midas story was that when he ate his food it turned to gold.

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