Snow day Learning!

We are closed Friday 2nd March due to adverse weather conditions.

We have attached Maths and English learning for the children to complete if possible.

English- can you create a setting describing Herb’s bedroom from our book?  Think about how you would describe your bedroom- bed, tables, lamp, posters etc.


Use these sentence starters to help you



Remember 1 litre = 1,000ml

Can you answer these questions about capacity.  Remember to read the scales carefully- what times table are they jumping up in (there are 10 jumps)?



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  1. Measuring Capacity
    1. 300ml
    2. 750ml
    3. 600ml
    4. 350ml
    5. 950ml
    6. 1000ml
    7. 3500ml
    8. 1250ml ( went back to correct this)
    9. 1500ml
    10. 4000ml
    11. 2250 ml (with help discussing 1/4)
    12. 750ml
    13. 3750ml

    Which container holds more?
    1. 1/2 litre
    2. 300ml
    3. 3 litres
    4. 1 1/4 litres (went through this carefully)

    How much more is needed to make a litre?
    5. 1000-720=380ml (corrected to 280ml)
    6. 1000-220=880ml (corrected to 780ml)
    7. 1000-500=500ml
    8. 1000-70=930ml

    Practiced subtraction from this point.

  2. English

    As you walk through the wooden door, you can see a little stuff toy named Kitty. In the corner of the room, you will notice a stack of pillows standing wonky as the pizza tower. Sprawled across the light brown carpet floor are boxes standing as straight as soldiers at war. Carefully attached to the painted wall, you can see some cute decorations. If you listen silently, you can hear lovely chirping birds. On the desk, you can spot two colorful watches and a bright pink lamp. When you inhale deeply, there is a scent of fresh Peace Lilies that fills the air.


    1) 300 mL
    2) 750 mL
    3) 600 mL
    4) 350 mL
    5) 950 mL
    6) 1000 mL
    7) 3500 mL
    8) 1250 mL
    9) 1500 mL
    10) 4000 mL
    11) 2250 mL
    12) 750 mL
    13) 3750 mL

    Which container holds more?
    1) 1/2 L
    2) 300 mL
    3) 3L
    4) 1 1/4 L
    5) 300 mL
    6) 800 mL
    7) 500 mL
    8) 950 mL
    9) 230 mL
    10) 350mL

    😉 :0 🙂 <3

  3. Stuck on to the freshly painted wall,a strange,unmovable painting of two men playing Judo hung crookedly.

  4. Underneath the colossal,heavy book shelf, lays a mystical,ancient box full of great raged up but very nice fairytale books.

  5. All from Thursday (World book day) There was the dusty toys from a year ago. Carefully attached to the blood-red wall, you can see the disgusting, dirty cat walking with a saunter nose in the air with its bristly, unwashed fur.

  6. 1./ 3,000

    2./ 7,050

    3./ 6,000

    4 3,000

    5 .9,050

    6 1,000

    7 3,500

    8 1,250

    9 1,500

    10 4,000

    11 2,000

    12 4,750

    13 3,750

  7. Engalish As you walk through the dirty door you can see the trashy books all ripped up.In the corner of the room you will notice, the orange juice spilt across the floor. Sprawled all across the floor, you will notice the toys are broken

  8. As you walk through the messy,dirty bedroom you can smell lovely fresh air and some fairy tale books all over the floor because he can’t be bothered too pick it up.
    As you walk through the rest of the bedroom, there’s a bathroom but herb always says I’m not ever ever using that stinky,dirty bathroom hissed herb.On one side of his walls there was a beautiful tv that put any film he wanted on.if you listen carefully you hear his pet scatching the cage.the wolves say they need too eat me butt herb needs a plan quickly.

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