Telling the time

This week we are learning to tell the time.  Write down the times that you:

  1. Get out of bed in the morning
  2. Eat your breakfast
  3. Brush your teeth
  4. Arrive at school
  5. Eat your evening meal
  6. Watch your favorite TV programclock..
  7. Go to bed

23 thoughts on “Telling the time

  1. 1)i wake up at 7 o clock
    2) I have breakfast at 8 o clock
    3)I brush my teeth at 10 past 8
    4)I arrived at school at half past 8
    5) I have my meal at 4 pm

  2. Telling time is really easy for me but 5 minute intervals is kind of hard if you don’t look carefully at the hour and minute hand.

    I get up at 8 o clock .
    I watch my favourite tv programs straight away when I go home.
    I go to bed at half past eight.
    And my favourite teacher is miss Evans.

  3. I love telling the time it’s just fun figuring out the times ! It’s incredible.

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