Welcome back to term 3!

The year 3 teachers hope that you have had a lovely Christmas break and are feeling eager to come back to school and continue with your learning.

If you have had gift vouchers or money for Christmas and don’t know what to spend it on, why not try buying one of these fantastic story books?   Otherwise you can visit your local library and borrow them to read at home. Let us know what you thought of them, by writing a review and posting it on the blog.

blog book 1 blog book 2 blog book 3 blog book 4 blog book 5 blog book 6

4 thoughts on “Welcome back to term 3!

  1. I have the padington book .I recomend it to any one who wants a book to read at school!Miss Tunstal is my old teacher she is really nice I think! I was I was in pelicans and I’m missing the class !And in my new school there is a Ruby and a julia!And I am settling in Wales .I have allred had an award!

    • Glad you are settling in well Jess! We all miss you too! Well done on the award too, I bet you are making lots of friends and learning lots. We are still answering the dinner register using the welsh for yellow and red- Miss Tunstall isn’t very good at remembering which is which though!

      Lots of love,
      Pelicans Class

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